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The Campus includes the following: 

A. The Kirsh Jerusalem Arts Campus 

Downtown Jerusalem provides a broad stage for the performing arts. Four schools have come together in the new Bezalel Street (corner of Trumpeldor   Street) open campus: the Nissan Nativ Studio, the Sam Spiegel School of Cinema and Television, the School of Visual Theater, and the Center for Middle Eastern Classical Music. The campus consists of three buildings with a large courtyard and café which will be accessible to the general public. 


Beneath the campus, a public parking lot was opened in 2020 with 415 parking spaces which will be available for users of the campus.

Design: Efrat-Kowalsky Architects


The project is financed by donations, the Municipality of Jerusalem, the ‘Eden’ Company and the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage. 


B. Renovation of Beit Ha’am

The renovation of the Gerard Behar Theater in Beit Ha’am and its conversion into a modern performance auditorium is intended to improve user experience. The auditorium will be the downtown venue to host dance performances and concerts.


Design: Arad-Simon Architects



C. The Beit Ha’am Dance Center and Affordable Housing

The project for affordable low-cost rental housing is planned as part of the Beit Ha’am Campus, close to the Gerard Behar Auditorium. This will be carried out as part of the renovation and conversion of a section of the existing building and the addition of a number of additional floors.

The project includes a dance center for dance companies which currently use the center, as well as a café and 80 residential units of 1-2 rooms.

Design: Arad-Simon Architects 

D. The Triangle Lot, Low-Cost Rental Housing 

The project aims to create affordable, low-cost rental housing in the “Triangle Lot” which is located in the area north of the Ussishkin and Menorah Street intersection. The proposed eight-story building will consist of 130 residential units of 1-2 rooms.


Design: Efrat-Kowalsky Architects