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'Eden' Projects


Cultural infrastructure and the Creative Public Space

As a part of an urban policy to promote the city as a tourist destination, the 'Eden' Company actively enriches the urban public space of Jerusalem's downtown area with colorful, interactive installations that make spending time in Jerusalem a unique, refreshing and evocative experience for the whole family. 


Jerusalem is preparing to meet the challenge of climate change by strategic planning and development of sustainable, green energy solutions. The 'Eden' Company’s entry into the field of green, alternative energy is the first stage in bringing Jerusalem to the forefront of energy production from its own resources and recognizes the vital importance of significantly increasing the supply of electricity, mainly for electric vehicle charging point infrastructure and green transportation.

Municipal Parking Facilities

The 'Eden' Company is the municipal subdivision responsible for the establishment and operation of Jerusalem's municipal parking facilities. The company, in cooperation with the municipality, develops and implements parking solutions, both standard facilities and others unique to Jerusalem's specific needs, in order to serve the city's residents and visitors alike. Jerusalem Card holders who are Jerusalem residents are entitled to special benefits and discounts at 'Eden' Company parking lots.

Public Use Areas

Areas designated for public use are shown shaded in brown on Jerusalem's urban master plan (brown areas).

Downtown - Central Business District (CBD)

The 'Eden' Company continues to engage with the downtown central business district (CBD), positioning the Jerusalem downtown area as an active urban center that combines an excellent quality of life for its residents, an attractive environment for tourists and visitors alike, and a magnet for innovative businesses, culture and recreation.

Northern - Central Business District (CBD)

The 'Eden' Company continues to engage with the northern central business district (CBD) which mainly serves the Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) community.

Eastern - Central Business District (CBD)

The 'Eden' Company continues to engage with the eastern central business district (CBD) which mainly serves the city's Arab community.


Talpiot commercial district in 2021 working full steam ahead towards regeneration No longer just the old, dilapidated industrial zone in disconnect from the rest of the city, but a mixed use, local district center surrounded by residential neighbourhoods, which serves as a commercial, business, and cultural center for Jerusalemites and the wider area.

The Jerusalem Gateway

In the near future, the Jerusalem Gateway Project is expected to become the premier business center and the main integrated transportation hub of Israel. The project is managed by the Eden' Company and implemented by the Moriah Company.