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Umbrella Street

Every August for the past five years, the Yoel Moshe Salomon pedestrian street is shaded along its entire length by umbrellas, creating an unforgettable “strolling” experience. The installation was inspired by the Umbrella Street in Agueda, Portugal, and was created by the Sidharta company. 



Jerusalem Duck Face 

An enormous yellow duck rests at the junction of the Ben Yehuda and Ben Hillel pedestrian streets. Inside the duck’s belly, there is a ball pit which you’re invited to jump into and get to really know the duck up close! The duck was created by the Gil Sadeh Studio.



The Colorful Wall 

An interactive installation in where you can flip the colorful cubes and create your own artwork. The installation is located at Cats Square (Kikar Chatulot) and was created by the Gil Sadeh Studio.


Six Dreamy Benches 

Benches wrapped in different permutations, reminiscent of traditional Native American dreamcatchers. The installation was created by the Gil Sadeh Studio and is located at the Talitha Kumi Square on King George Street.


Light Shades 

Seventy light shades are suspended over the pedestrian walkway, each one made from different materials that create a colorful lighting display, both day and night. The installation is the work of the Gil Sadeh Studio and can be seen along the length of Dorot Rishonim Street.



In these times of social distancing, you are invited to come together, take a seat, relax and rock back and forth on the twelve, rainbow-colored rocking chairs that line Ben Sira Street, observing the Jerusalem scene and dreaming of better, friendlier times. The installation was designed and built by the studio CityPeloton, Anat and Ilan Berman.   


Cherry Blossom Lane 

The Ben Shetach pedestrian street is covered with cherry blossoms throughout the summer months. The installation is the work of the Sidharta company. 


“Kol Yisrael” Broadcasting from Jerusalem 

An outsize radio has been placed in the city center, and it’s not just an art sculpture, but a working radio! You can turn the dial, skip between radio stations and even raise or lower the volume. Feel free to dance a hora, show off your trance moves or just listen to music like your grandmother did to the transistor radios of yesteryear. Together with content provided by Kan, the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation, the radio has five stations to choose from: nostalgia, pop music, Mediterranean vibe, classical music, and a station broadcasting radio programs from 50 years ago. The installation is situated in the Daniel Park in Safra Square and was designed and built by the studio CityPeloton, Anat and Ilan Berman.


Street Pianos 

The ‘Eden’ Company has installed five street pianos across the city made by the Street Piano Company Ltd. The ‘Eden’ Company was a partner in the production and development of the concrete pianos. The pianos can be played in Zion Square, Safra Square, Hillel Street, Pierre Koenig Street and outside the Navon Railway Station at the city’s entrance.


Street Gallery – Black Box 

A gallery for contemporary art located in the street, offering temporary exhibitions to passersby. The project is operated by the Black Box Gallery as a collaboration with the Jerusalem municipality’s Department of Plastic Arts.


I love JLM 

This photogenic installation is located in IDF Square and was designed by Yarel Yair. 

Photo by Kobi Shavit

Pedaling like crazy, not going anywhere 

It may be stationary, but it’s still a very moving experience! Created by the CityPeloton studio and located close to the Navon Railway Station at the city’s entrance.


Talpiot Walls 

Over the past few years, more than 30 wall murals on industrial buildings have been created as part of the ongoing renovation of the Talpiot neighborhood’s mixed-use, commercial district. The artwork is being created by renowned international and local artists.