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The Jerusalem Municipality and the ‘Eden’ Company have planned in advance the management of the new urban reality. Public involvement in upgrading the Talpiot area is both integrated and multidimensional and utilizes the best practice models applied worldwide to physical design and development of public space, upgrading accessibility and connectivity, business development and networking, and encouraging the cultural environment of the area in cooperation with the local community.  

The Talpiot area is undergoing a dynamic transformation, from functioning as an industrial zone to becoming a vibrant, attractive business and service center for new companies, their customers and clients. 

The business survey undertaken by the ‘Eden’ Company in 2016 reveals a diverse business community with a number of identifiable types of businesses such as automotive, building, commerce, workshops and light industry, food and catering, as well as an array of business peripherals and financial services. The area provides premises for art and culture groups and is fast becoming a home for over 60 start-ups and hi-tech companies.

Talpiot creates a fertile environment for start-ups with a wide variety of creative spaces, both individual and coworking, which are generally available at a reasonable cost. The network of connections between the various industries attracts new businesses that can immediately benefit from the wide range of supporting services available.

Talpiot is distinct from the city’s other commercial areas by the wealth of its connections, engagement, creativity, available large workspaces and the adjacent residential opportunities.

The momentum of urban renewal and the development of public space in the Talpiot area create an opportunity to position Talpiot as a dynamic, attractive place for business and commerce, a place to encourage creativity and the creative sector, and as a shopping, entertainment and culture district that serves the city’s residents and visitors from morning to night, offering new insights every day.

Currently, the momentum of Talpiot’s development is driven by the public sector with an integrated outlook that combines the physical environment, business and community. The implementation of the concept is guided by the ‘Eden’ Company and is dependent on the broad spectrum of collaborative municipal organizations, relying on their professional expertise and productive cooperation together with the local and business community.

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