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  1. HaParsa – The largest cultural center in the country for alternative art, and home to three Jerusalem cultural institutions: Shalem Dance, the Interdisciplinary Arena and Between Heaven and Earth. The venue contains seven auditoriums, rehearsal rooms and studios and other spaces, spread over an area of about 2,000 square meters. 


  1. HaMifal – A multidisciplinary art project located in an antique Arab building outside the Old City walls. Originally, HaMifal (The Factory) was a project by the group, Empty House (Bayit Reik), but grew and became independent of its founders. Currently, in addition to many works of art that decorate its walls and spaces, you can also participate in an active, open workshop. HaMifal also houses an independent art shop, an innovative and lively bar/restaurant, and holds poetry evenings, lectures, alternative performances, parties, happenings, theater performances, movie nights and activities for children. HaMifal also has an artist-in-residence program.

    The Factory as a project is constantly undergoing construction and reconstruction and is therefore open to creative experimentation. This unique approach has led to some of the most stimulating and unique productions that have been seen in Jerusalem, including an evening performance where the audience slept while a DJ played records, or a series of parties that lasted just 15 minutes.